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CAPTO Putting Sensor

What is the CAPTO Putting System?
Technology and real-time analysis come together in the CAPTO Putting system to provide information that can improve your golf game. With putting aids, coaches can extract relevant parameter measurements and make technique suggestions for their golfers. The Capto Putting golf training aid can be used by any golfer interested in applying physics to take their golfing game to the next level. The CAPTO Putting system has many benefits and offers accurate technology at an affordable price.


The CAPTO Putting sensor is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It weighs only 47 grams, works with wifi connectivity in a 50-meter radius and easily attaches below the putter’s shaft. The device can be used both inside and in variable outdoor weather conditions. Other methods of putting stroke analysis include a visual analysis or using a motion sensor. While these are informative tools, even more valuable information can be gathered when combining multiple accurate sensors that capture a high number of measurements. CAPTO Putting aids collect data up to 400 HZ.

Information on over 30 parameters gathered by the sensor is used to inform about relevant factors. Users can immediately view the results on most mobile devices, and can adjust the displayed parameters. For example, a coach may view all 20 calculated parameters at one time but change the display to view four highly relevant parameters when working one-on-one with a golfer. Some of the calculated parameters include the following:

- Handling
- Path of stroke
- Acceleration patterns
- Face, loft and lie rotation of the club head
- Launch angle


Users can also view a 3D representation of the putt and compare their stroke to the calculated ideal stroke in the parameter graphs. By using the extracted information, putters can alter their swing stroke or adjust their posture to improve putting practices Learn more about MyGameForge at 

capto putting sensor

Contact us for availability and pricing.

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