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Peter is a certified AimPoint Golf Instructor, and paired with his coaching methods, has improved the putting game of over 1500+ golfers from PGA tour players to casual competitors.

AimPoint Express 
AimPoint Express Class is the cornerstone of your green reading mastery. This method is used by hundreds of tour players worldwide and will teach you how to read break like a seasoned professional. Appropriate for any age or playing level.

AimPoint Speed
AimPoint Speed Class will teach you how to understand changing speed conditions, uphill and downhill adjustments, and how to train yourself. This class will dramatically improve your overall putting performance. Your practice should rely heavily on speed control drills, which you will learn with AimPoint Speed training. 


Contact us for availability and pricing.

Peter offers clinics for both groups of collegiate golfers and golf coaches.

Whether you are looking for an edge over your competition, or are ready to lead your team to the next level of improving lag putting, distance control, and green reading with exercises and drills, Peter is the guy.

Collegiate & coaching clinics with peter


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